Ren County Fumeida Machine Parts Co., Ltd.

Our factory covers an area of 40000 square meters, 300-750 employees, specializing in the production of motorcycle accessories and before and after the shock absorber, I company other business and car accessories, there are all kinds of seal, oil seal, o-rings and other business, the German quality, all imported raw materials, the 3 million sets of motorcycle shock absorber production year, auto parts production, 100000 a year, All kinds of seals, oil seals, O-rings 60 million a year, our factory sales model is self-production, will absolutely give customers the most honest price, our factory slogan is the customer is God, let customers buy at ease to buy at ease. We have been engaged in motorcycle parts for 20 years until 2022, auto parts for 11 years until 2022, seals, oil seals, O-rings and so on for 10 years until 2022. Our company adapt to the development of the global motorcycle shock absorber and construction machinery industry, for the majority of new and old customers to provide high-quality and inexpensive motorcycle shock absorber products. I have a highly sophisticated technical personnel, with high-quality work team, can timely provide perfect after-sales service for customers. "Professional qualification, build brand" is our business goal, "excellent quality, trust price" is our business purpose. We have talent, resources, network, scale, experience and influence in motorcycle shock absorbers and construction machinery, becoming a highly competitive and leading brand new entrepreneurial organization. The company strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the service, always takes the contract, keeps the promise as the purpose, the equipment is high quality and cheap, welcome the general new and old customers to the factory to choose and buy!

The company does its best to make buying products an intimate and enjoyable experience for customers. Respect the opinions of every colleague. Managers are seen as "servant leaders" who help new colleagues realize their potential through training, praise and constructive feedback. Use an "open door" management philosophy. Encourage colleagues to ask questions and care more about the company in an open atmosphere. Company colleagues share the commitment to customer satisfaction. At the start of each day, discuss your goals for the day. The Sunset principle requires a sense of urgency to respond to questions posed that day.
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