Ningbo J & T Corporation has been dedicated to providing custom bags and cases for daily, leisure and sports purpose use for over 10 years. The quality and well-balanced cost-effective products and services have helped spreading our name and reputation in the business since the very birth. The custom designed coolers and thermal bags and cases is one of the top ranges as well as a few others such as headwear, eco-friendly and biodegradable bags, accessories used in outdoor sports and activities. We never give our efforts up in bringing more innovative, eco-friendly, healthy products for our honored customers. We are located in the city with a glorious history of more than 2000 years and the largest seaport in China. She is the starting point of ancient Marine Silk Road and a properous history and culture of comercial and trading with numberless great figures in business and entrepreneur along the way. Doing business in a professional and honest way is one of our inborn natures. Established in 2003 and reformed in 2014, Ningbo J & T Corp. Started to help customers with their business purchase and promotion projects successfully spreading their brand names and impacts among their targeted consumers. We make OEM products for brand names like F-1 sponsor--Foster, Bacardi; OshKosh, TARGET, BANANA, GAP. With all these years of experience working with brand owners, we are now able to provide most efficient solutions for our customers so cost-effectiveness could be achieved by working closely together with our customers in their best interest.